About Us

We usually start to say that it is not about us. The question which rental property to chose is not something we answer. We bring you back to what you value in a house or area and what adds to quality of life and quality of living.

We value trust, enthousiasm and a down to earth mentality.

We are Dutch and without being rude, we tell you the positive and negative points. We do everything we can to find the best suitable property. The full process need to be as pleasant as possible. The housing market in Amsterdam and The Hague can be very hectic and we always realize the trust people give us. The last thing is that people feel pushed, on the other hand you do not want to miss this special house.

Working with all these cultural differences and helping expats to have a comfortable start in the Netherlands is what rewards us.

More practical: We all work in the housingmarket for years and have a large network in several places, we know what to find behind a door and we know what to pay attention to in a negotiation. Being succesful of course asks for dedication, flexibility, focus and accuracy.

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